Hello there, I am Karen Woodard.
Welcome to my site.
I have a few questions for you.

Would you like your managers and leaders to be better with:

        giving/receiving helpful feedback?
        inviting difficult conversation?
        being informative, inspirational and persuasive?
        creating belief, behavior and buy-in at all levels?

Is your sales team having difficulty with consistently meeting/exceeding goals?
Is your service team not engaging on a level that creates a consistent culture of welcome?
Is your organization in a place where it is doing well but you know it can be even better and needs to be better?

If you answered yes or Hell-o-Yes! to any of these questions, then I invite you to have a conversation with me about a fresh approach to excelling in each of these areas.


See what my clients are saying...

"Growth, sustainability, retention, engagement, positive outcomes, these are all commitments Karen Woodard and Premium Performance Training promised in 1999 when Karen presented to my leadership and sales team. A bold statement to say the least. Twenty years later, I am pleased to say Karen has continuously delivered on this promise. Karen’s training and insight has been a crucial part of three independent clubs utilizing her talents to develop strategies and practices from start up to club 10+ years old with a membership ranging from 2,000-8,000 members.

Karen’s expertise provides us with a vast resource that pushes us to think differently. Challenging us to chase after what is inconceivable until it is a reality. The fitness industry is evolving daily and the best way I have found to remain viable is through Karen’s insight, hands on instruction and daily accountability.

Currently, Karen is working with us at the Bronson Wellness Center and has been since 2011. During these 8 years, we have seen steady growth in total membership, attrition has declined and member satisfaction and engagement have increased significantly. All of this simply stated, with Karen’s coaching and dedication we have delivered a 400% increase in our bottom line and have no reason to think this successful growth will slow down."

Bryan Heisler
Bronson Wellness Center
"I've had the pleasure of working with Karen for almost 8 years now, although she has worked with my organization, the Almaden Valley Athletic Club (AVAC) for even longer. To get straight to the point, I directly attribute Karen's guidance, counseling, and vast experience in our industry to improved competencies of myself and my team, and in turn to the growth of our athletic club. Karen's ability to ask inquisitive and thought-provoking questions to help us work the problem combined with ideas she's cultivated over the decades have assisted AVAC in: hiring quality sales people, establishing a true sales "system" and culture, retaining top producing personal trainers, analyzing our value and therefore pricing, improving the way we define customer service, and so much more. In fact, when faced with a business challenge, one of my team's favorite mantra's is "WWKS" (what would Karen say?)"

Jeff Griffith-Jones
GM - Operations
Almaden Valley Athletic Club
"Karen has been one of the most in demand speakers at our educational conference for 5 years. What audiences enjoy most about Karen is her wealth of knowledge, the ability to tackle tough subjects and break them down into usable tips to implement and her engaging and enthusiastic spirit. Her ability and expertise to deliver value in the areas of leadership communication, selling skills and hospitality consistently yield high scores from her audiences."

Julie Milner
Int'l Council on Active Aging
"I have worked with Karen Woodard for several years and have appreciated her ability to focus training to exactly what is required. She led our team through a series of Leadership Trainings that provided the opportunities to think outside the box, while learning to implement simple and effective methods for improving workplace communication. While Karen's dynamic energy is motivating, it is her professional and yet very personal delivery that gives her honest credibility."

Trudy J. Stephens
Executive Director
"Karen and I have worked together for over 5 years, focused primarily on leadership and customer service program development. Karen keeps things simple, easy to understand and fun. The value Karen brings to my organization far exceeds the content she helps me develop, she provides me insight, coaching and support to help me grow personally and professionally."

Dawn Barker
VP Human Resources
RiverWoods Group


Your next step is your choice!

Karen Woodard