About Karen Woodard


Karen D. Woodard is President of Premium Performance Training in Boulder , Colorado and Ixtapa GRO , Mexico . She is an international author, speaker and consultant and provides successful marketing, sales, service and management training as well as consulting services. Karen has worked with hundreds of clubs, hospitals and JCCs in the following areas:

  • The services that Karen provides to clubs in the marketing arena include strategic planning and branding to create differentiation in the marketplace as well as tactical marketing to create more traffic to create more sales in pre-sale scenarios as well as on-going operations.
  • The services in the sales arena include interpersonal and selling skills for Membership Staff, Personal Trainers, Tennis Pros, Golf Pros and all other non-dues revenue departments. In addition to selling skills, Karen also provides logistical and organizational development for the sales department.
  • The management training that Karen provides relates to organizational management, strategic planning as well as leadership and day-to-day facilities and staff management.
  • In the management arena, Karen also provides one-on-one coaching on how to be more effective professionally as well as personally.
  • The service training that Karen provides impacts all staff and their ability to communicate, serve and connect appropriately with multiple generations, cultures and expectations. A large emphasis of Karen's service training is on social and courtesy skills as well as creating a service culture that imparts value to the Member and retention for the club.

Karen has owned and operated six athletic and climbing clubs since 1985 and in 1997 began devoting her time entirely to consulting, developing staff training materials, research, writing and speaking. Her services are offered onsite at your club, offsite in Colorado or Mexico , online and through her books, manuals, DVDs and CDs.

Her philosophy is “You're either moving forward or your moving backward but you're never standing still.”

Karen can be contacted here or 303.417.0653.